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Project Description Owner Last Change
.slapt-get.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 8 years ago
VSO.git Test synchro VisualStudioOnline 6 years ago
animeka-installation.git Animeka - Documentation d... 7 years ago
bootgraph.git Graphical boot representation... 7 years ago
bootsetup.git Helps setup a bootloader like... 6 years ago
config-perso.git Personal configurations, scrip... 5 years ago
cordova-restart-plugin.git Do a restart of the applicatio... 6 years ago
docker-salix-base.git Salix Base Docker images 4 years ago
docker-salix-core.git Salix CORE Docker images 5 years ago
docker-salix-minimal.git Salix Minimal Docker images 5 years ago
docker-salix-playonlinux.git Salix PlayOnLinux Docker images 5 years ago
docker-salix-skype.git Salix Skype Docker images 4 years ago
formation_git.git Formation à Git 3 years ago
gajim_plugin_installer_http.git Plugin installer for Gajim... 6 years ago
gcstar-trictrac-2013.git Plugin TricTrac pour GCStar... 7 years ago
gcstar.git Collections GCStar 7 years ago
geodis-poc.git PoC pour Geodis en Ionic 4 years ago
grub2-eval.git eval grub2 extra command 7 years ago
grub2-getdate.git getdate grub2 extra command 7 years ago
grub2-gettextvar.git gettextvar grub2 extra command 7 years ago
grub2-menuclear.git menuclear grub2 extra command 7 years ago
grub2-patches.git Some patches for grub2. 7 years ago
grub2-salix-pkg.git Contains all for creating... 6 years ago
gslapt.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 8 years ago
libreoffice-slkbuild.git SLKBUILD for Libreoffice 5 years ago
live-hybrid.git POC for a Live Linux in Hybrid... 7 years ago
lxc-salix.git Templates and scripts to run... 5 years ago
pyjsonpp.git Python Json Pretty Printer 6 years ago
salix-compat32.git 32 bits application compatibil... 6 years ago
salix-jrd-slkbuild.git SLKBUILD for Salix, made by JRD 6 years ago
simple-git-host.git Simple way to host git project... 3 years ago
sysvinit-with-exec.git Sys V Init with Exec patch... 7 years ago
thunar.git Modern, fast and easy-to-use... 4 years ago
wakanim2animeka.git Permet de faire les liens... 7 years ago
xerox-elastic-poc.git PoC Elastic-search pour Xerox 4 years ago