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last changeSat, 19 Jan 2013 15:45:28 +0000 (15:45 +0000)
2013-01-19 Jason Woodwardre-add removed gslapt.pot master
2012-10-03 Jason Woodwardswedish translation updates from Ingemar via transifex
2012-09-24 Jason Woodwardtranslation updates pulled from transifex
2012-09-24 Jason Woodwardadded danish translation from gapan via transifex
2012-09-23 Jason Woodwardremove useless en.po
2012-09-05 Jason Woodwardupdated hebrew translatio from genghiskhan
2012-09-05 Jason Woodwardbump to 0.5.3i
2012-09-03 Jason Woodwarduse AC_SEARCH_LIBS for EVP_md5 in libssl or libcrypto 0.5.3h
2012-09-03 Jason Woodwardadd explicit openssl autoconf check
2012-08-26 Jason WoodwardUpdated Ukranian translation from Yarema aka Knedlyk
2012-08-26 Jason Woodwardupdated copyright date to 2012
2012-08-26 Jason Woodwardbumped version to 0.5.3h
2012-08-26 Jason Woodwardgdk_pixbuf_unref is deprecated, use g_object_unref
2012-08-26 Jason Woodwardupdated slack-required to mention 14.0 libffi requireme...
2012-08-06 Jason Woodwardupdated hebrew translation from Rahut 0.5.3g
2012-07-18 Jason WoodwardUpdated french translation from JRD
8 years ago 0.5.3h 0.5.3h
8 years ago 0.5.3g 0.5.3g
9 years ago 0.5.3f 0.5.3f
9 years ago 0.5.3e 0.5.3e
10 years ago 0.5.3d 0.5.3d
10 years ago 0.5.3c 0.5.3c
10 years ago 0.5.3b 0.5.3b release
10 years ago 0.5.3a 0.5.3a release
10 years ago 0.5.3 0.5.3 release
11 years ago 0.5.2b gslapt 0.5.2b
11 years ago 0.5.2a tagging for 0.5.2a release
11 years ago 0.5.2 tagging for 0.5.2 release
11 years ago 0.5.1b tagging for 0.5.1b release
11 years ago 0.5.1a tagging for 0.5.1a release
7 years ago master
9 years ago slack13.1
9 years ago slack13.0
9 years ago slack12.2
10 years ago slack12.1
10 years ago slack12.0
11 years ago slack11.0