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last changeSat, 19 Jan 2013 15:45:28 +0000 (15:45 +0000)
2013-01-19 Jason Woodwardre-add removed gslapt.pot master
2012-10-03 Jason Woodwardswedish translation updates from Ingemar via transifex
2012-09-24 Jason Woodwardtranslation updates pulled from transifex
2012-09-24 Jason Woodwardadded danish translation from gapan via transifex
2012-09-23 Jason Woodwardremove useless en.po
2012-09-05 Jason Woodwardupdated hebrew translatio from genghiskhan
2012-09-05 Jason Woodwardbump to 0.5.3i
2012-09-03 Jason Woodwarduse AC_SEARCH_LIBS for EVP_md5 in libssl or libcrypto 0.5.3h
2012-09-03 Jason Woodwardadd explicit openssl autoconf check
2012-08-26 Jason WoodwardUpdated Ukranian translation from Yarema aka Knedlyk
2012-08-26 Jason Woodwardupdated copyright date to 2012
2012-08-26 Jason Woodwardbumped version to 0.5.3h
2012-08-26 Jason Woodwardgdk_pixbuf_unref is deprecated, use g_object_unref
2012-08-26 Jason Woodwardupdated slack-required to mention 14.0 libffi requireme...
2012-08-06 Jason Woodwardupdated hebrew translation from Rahut 0.5.3g
2012-07-18 Jason WoodwardUpdated french translation from JRD
7 years ago 0.5.3h 0.5.3h
7 years ago 0.5.3g 0.5.3g
8 years ago 0.5.3f 0.5.3f
8 years ago 0.5.3e 0.5.3e
8 years ago 0.5.3d 0.5.3d
9 years ago 0.5.3c 0.5.3c
9 years ago 0.5.3b 0.5.3b release
9 years ago 0.5.3a 0.5.3a release
9 years ago 0.5.3 0.5.3 release
9 years ago 0.5.2b gslapt 0.5.2b
9 years ago 0.5.2a tagging for 0.5.2a release
9 years ago 0.5.2 tagging for 0.5.2 release
10 years ago 0.5.1b tagging for 0.5.1b release
10 years ago 0.5.1a tagging for 0.5.1a release
6 years ago master
8 years ago slack13.1
8 years ago slack13.0
8 years ago slack12.2
8 years ago slack12.1
9 years ago slack12.0
10 years ago slack11.0