Git Repositories

descriptionSimple way to host git projects. Mirror on
last changeFri, 10 Mar 2017 15:48:11 +0000 (16:48 +0100)
2017-03-10 Cyrille Pontvieuxdocker-compose example file master
2017-03-10 Cyrille Pontvieuxmakekeys should be accessed from ~/
2017-01-21 Cyrille Pontvieuxdifference between gitdir and githome
2017-01-21 Cyrille Pontvieuxmakekeys relative change directory
2017-01-21 Cyrille PontvieuxUsing a sub-folder for git repositories, allowing mount...
2017-01-17 Cyrille Pontvieuxno bashism in Makefile if possible
2014-12-18 Cyrille PontvieuxFix: Ensure sshwrapper is executable
2014-12-15 Cyrille PontvieuxUndelete on repository deletion.
2014-12-15 Cyrille PontvieuxImprove styles in repository edition and about page. v1.0
2014-12-11 Cyrille PontvieuxNew urls and super-controler.
2014-12-04 Cyrille PontvieuxRelative reference to resources does not work properly...
2014-12-04 Cyrille PontvieuxFirst step to using Bootstrap.
2014-11-28 Cyrille PontvieuxSecurity fix.
2014-11-28 Cyrille PontvieuxImprove README
2014-11-27 Cyrille PontvieuxFix ssh authentication.
2014-11-27 Cyrille PontvieuxFine-grained right management (in the GUI for now)
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