Git Repositories

docker-compose example file
[simple-git-host.git] / homegit /
2017-03-10 Cyrille Pontvieuxmakekeys should be accessed from ~/
2017-01-21 Cyrille Pontvieuxmakekeys relative change directory
2017-01-21 Cyrille PontvieuxUsing a sub-folder for git repositories, allowing mount...
2014-12-18 Cyrille PontvieuxFix: Ensure sshwrapper is executable
2014-12-15 Cyrille PontvieuxUndelete on repository deletion.
2014-12-11 Cyrille PontvieuxNew urls and super-controler.
2014-11-28 Cyrille PontvieuxSecurity fix.
2014-11-27 Cyrille PontvieuxFix ssh authentication.
2014-11-27 Cyrille PontvieuxFine-grained right management (in the GUI for now)
2014-11-25 Cyrille PontvieuxAdmin, regular users and readonly users.
2014-11-25 Cyrille Pontvieuxadd git_web_root parameter
2014-11-18 Cyrille PontvieuxCorrect the problem to identify to another repository...
2014-11-06 Cyrille PontvieuxHTTP git access and nginx configuration in installation...
2014-02-03 Cyrille Pontvieuxdeploy-key action
2013-07-21 Cyrille PontvieuxAdd some sanity checks to the git scripts to prevent...
2013-02-18 Cyrille PontvieuxAdded a common header and footer to all pages.
2013-02-04 Cyrille PontvieuxAdd some tools to help activate a repo on git-daemon...
2013-02-04 Cyrille PontvieuxPossibility to sync from a remote repository (only...
2013-01-15 Cyrille PontvieuxInitial commit.