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last changeSat, 15 Dec 2012 17:47:27 +0000 (17:47 +0000)
2012-12-15 Jason Woodwardupdated es_ES translation from Angelos master
2012-10-14 Jason Woodwardupdated configurations for 14.0 release
2012-10-03 Jason Woodwardtranslation updates from transifex
2012-10-03 Igor MurzovFix header and line wrapping in ru.po broken by transifex
2012-09-24 Jason Woodwardtranslation updates pulled from transifex
2012-09-24 Jason Woodwardadded danish translation from gapan via transifex
2012-09-23 Jason Woodwardremove useless en.po
2012-09-23 Jason Woodwardremove cz.po. cz is not a valid language code (thanks...
2012-08-30 Igor MurzovUpdate russian translation. 0.10.2o
2012-08-30 Igor MurzovAdd --allow-unauthenticated option description to the...
2012-08-27 Jason Woodwardupdated es_AR and es_ES translations from Fernando
2012-08-25 Jason Woodwardupgrade glibc-solibs before xz with --dist-upgrade
2012-08-25 Jason Woodwardbumped version to 0.10.2o
2012-08-25 Jason WoodwardBumped version to 0.10.2n 0.10.2n
2012-08-02 Jason Woodwardupdated translations
2012-08-02 Jason Woodwardreorder _slapt_gpg_get_gpgme_error to be implemented...
5 years ago 0.10.2o 0.10.2o
5 years ago 0.10.2n 0.10.2n
6 years ago 0.10.2m 0.10.2m
6 years ago 0.10.2l 0.10.2l
6 years ago 0.10.2k 0.10.2k
6 years ago 0.10.2j 0.10.2j
7 years ago 0.10.2i 0.10.2i
7 years ago 0.10.2h 0.10.2h
7 years ago 0.10.2g 0.10.2g
7 years ago 0.10.2f 0.10.2f
8 years ago 0.10.2e 0.10.2e release
8 years ago 0.10.2d 0.10.2d release
8 years ago 0.10.2c slapt-get 0.10.2c
8 years ago 0.10.2b tagging for 0.10.2b release
8 years ago 0.10.2a tagging for 0.10.2a release
8 years ago 0.10.2 tagging for 0.10.2 release
5 years ago master
7 years ago slack13.1
7 years ago slack13.0
7 years ago slack12.2
7 years ago slack12.1
8 years ago slack12.0
8 years ago slack11.0