Le graphe d'historique de bootsetup :

* 0ff7861 (tag: v0.2.0, efi) Version with major.minor.fix schema
* b9977e0 Correction with mountpoint in Lilo.
* d0b127e Fix UUID for Lilo.
* d34be61 Simplify Config class and new EFIBoot class.
* a066aa8 New wizard UI (GUI for now). EFI bootloaders.
* f403e9e (HEAD, master) Remove old files and update requirements.txt
* 1e6b183 Cleaning and new build system.
* 5581e69 Setup.py
* f4015e9 PEP8
* d856cca Externalize some libs: pylibsalt and urwidm.
* 497b1fb Remove urwid_more debugging.
* 27485b1 Drop Freedesktop (xdg-open) support for root.
* c1f6968 Ensure 'labels' file cached is deleted.
* 27c578e Remove the mock line in Lilo / curses version
* cbb555c Missing sys import in lilo.py
* dbcde3e Correct most of the problems with urwid.
* 3264366 gnsu is used in place of xsu wrapper.
* 88aa035 Fix path in 64bits (/usr/lib64) and fix path for os-prober (/usr/bin or /usr/sbin). Also fix to skip EFI entries detecting by OS-Prober useless for this tool.
* 4f17bc5 Verify -> check
* b85ebf0 Verify -> check
* 5942c49 Old test file removed
* 99f7a98 Change strings in code
* 2b616de Always try to mount /boot in any Linux partition. Chroot not used anymore. Does not try to mount an already mounted partition.
* 304b361 Use the vesa modes information from Wikipedia and discard other modes not fully documented. Also use another way to determine the correct mode, prefer a higher resolution with less colors than more colors with less resolution.
* 90bed81 Define image and initrd before root parameter as it seems that the order matters.
* 55786af Compatibility to Python 3, taken from a post in G+. But nothing has been tested with python 3 yet…
* 0417666 Help and About screens + translations.
* 05285a2 Grub2 default config file in the GUI and some minor corrections.
* 8dabaa4 Edit Configuration for Grub2 is now dependent on the presence of /etc/default/grub file
* 0389324 Update the sensitive and selectable handling
* dbcd7eb Add a button to edit Grub2 configuration /etc/grub2/default. This button should be visible only if this file exists on the target partition.
* acd68c9 pot/po updated.
* 18f5b75 Still some unicode/utf-8 stuff
* 7e830f2 Fix an error when the parameter for mounting a partition starts with /dev/ but is incorrect, like '/dev/'
* 9bbfe05 Mouse handling
* 1ca22a7 Palette modifications. Colors are more flashy but works in the Linux console where not all background colors are supported.
* 8cc7e20 Combobox with multiple values per line
* 4d744a3 Fix lots of corrections in rendering "More" components. Combobox is now used in the main project.
* 825bfe2 Merge combobox => urwid_more
* ed8514b ComboBox style and length corrected. Needs to be merged in urwid_more
* 076982c Fix a bug in the mount function of salix_livetools_library. Fix unicode support Debug to bootsetup.log Does not try to mount "chain" partition anymore.
* 11aeac9 Custom widget in ComboBox
* fa92154 New ComboBox! Maybe I should propose it to wicd team…
* a482a58 Popup example, could be a good idea to replace current ComboBox implementation.
* cfa341f test synchro
* c551c40 Doc for github & co.
* ea783f0 shortcut for LICENSE file
* 7192f20 First translations.
* a7fc339 Report of corrections dones by Mimosa in the pot file.
* f3dd6f8 Corrected English strings
*   bdc5f6f Merge branch 'urwid'
| * 5edd88d (urwid) ComboBox done.
| * cfd6e70 Focus lost working \o/
| * 7366bae ListBox is still buggy relative to focus change. Not easy to deny a focus change. Pile and Columns needs to be more investigated too.
| * 10064c5 Focus AND attribute in the "More" widgets. Combobox and Dialog2 still to be done.
| * 8438f92 Still a little problem with the FocusListWalker in ListBoxMore but would be good. Buttons needs to have their *More version, and ComboBox too.
| * dc6c7d1 Focus Gain/Lost seems to work on a Pile with Edit.
| * fb8f965 New *More widgets that can handle focus lost and gain. Still need some testing
| * 6bf959a WIP…
| * 6c01ceb Test focus lost implementation. Not sure how to properly do that, it's a mess about focus in the urwid code.
| * 315d359 urwid_wicd not needed anymore.
| * 690b2fc Using a custom urwid_more modules instead of curses_misc from wicd.
| * 4297472 All done for urwid version. Maybe some checks and cosmetics stufss. This can be merged back to master.
| * 290314f Connection to the lilo.conf creation.
| * 2bba4fe Unicode support. The urwid view is complete.
| * 054a775 BootSetup class, common* files removed. Uniformisation between the GTK and Curses version
| * 556cd69 ComboBox \o/
| * 4beb133 urwid_wicd made as a module. main view improved.
| * 99a5602 Use of a pile.
| * 17bb438 First frame with urwid.
| * 2fbe7ad First urwid text.
* | d602bcf Pot file for translations. Still incomplete.
* | e089b45 Finally found the problem with os-prober. The reason was an incompatibility with Python 2.7+ and sltl library.
* | 95cb648 Another python way of getting information from OS-Prober.
* 10e13e9 Fix: Ensure clean line from os-prober.
* 10f1727 Better handling of mount failing.
* 031d770 Fix: Better framebuffer detection.
* d79dc1e Add new debug output in lilo and config (os-prober) Add python classes for urwid, taken from wicd. It adds combobox, tabbed panes, …
* db11245 Fix umounting partitions by letting mountDevice function returns the mount point if it succeed. Fix CamelCase in variables. Add a lot of debug messages in "test" mode. Do not delete the "lilo" and "grub2" attributes of GatherGui but assign them to None, thus decrementing the pointer to the Lilo or Grub2 class, so triggering the destructor of these classes. Lots of fixes in the lilo.conf generation.
* 76a4e65 Code with bugs, do NOT use it. Will need some fixes
* 34ca24c Coding is finished. Now some testing needs to be done to correct some eventual bugs.
* 0aa1d22 End of LiLo configuration/installation. Tests needs to be done.
* 780db46 Mounting and umounting for Lilo. Detecting kernel+initrd and framebuffer still needed to be done.
* a39d2d4 Prepare Grub2 class for installing Grub2.
* 78a0c22 Better / device and FS detection
* 926ac93 Initial lilo.conf file
* 466cfad Prepare Lilo functions.
* 04b9621 GUI is finished.
* 486c995 Restore LiloSetup functions...
* b066ab5 Finally found a way. internal-child was the key :p
* 5941fb0 Configuration applied to GUI. I still need to find out how to set the value of the combo box entry.
* d24433e GUI configuration almost done.
* 8944743 Disk detection is complete. Updated the GUI, still some handlers to bind.
* d5bb1ed Some improvments: disks and partitions detection using SLTL and OS-Prober. GUI still not working.
* a5ec98c Salix Livetools Library embedded in BootSetup for now. Updated GUI. Still work to do on the GUI.
* 648da9e Interface is running. For now it's mix between Salix Live Installer code and LiloSetup code. Salix Livetools Library is missing and will probably be needed. Maybe Salix Live Installer should have this library separated from the installer so we can use it here in BootSetup.
* 0fb65dd Initial Python code.
* 0446554 Lilo/Grub2 choice added. Disk choice where the MBR will be written added.
* fbf63fc Fix compilation script. Glade file does not talk about Lilo only anymore.
* aab2177 Initial skeleton for BootSetup.