Le graphe d'historique de grub2-salix-pkg :

* cb7af9f (HEAD, master) Empty program prefix added in the EFI case.
* 27cf2ec New build with EFI and patched from Slackware.
* b4f8396 Corrected bad download links.
* 3e5c061 Add Djemos additions to be able to install grub from a normal CD during installation, or later if needed.
* dc07620 Now using external repositories for patches and grub extra.
* 2801e63 getdate command added (get the date or time in a variable).
* b3f9444 Fix disabling resetting 'chosen', 'default' and 'timeout' variable when the variable 'multimenu' is set.
* a55bb47 Removed some garbage from earlier compiles.
* 9581b41 Grub2 with additional commands and patches.